Monkey Island

Monkey Island 1

Monkey Island has become a true legend amongst Adventure-Games. You play Guybrush Threepwood (whatta name!) who wants to be a pirate. On his way to become one he's got to solve several puzzles, face the evil LeChuck, win the heart of Governor Marley and at last solve The Secret Of Monkey Island. There are very few games, that reach the high level of humor Lucasfilm Games are famous for. The Gameplay is outstanding - revolutionary at the date of release. Also the graphics are very O.K. and the Soundtrack is even with a PC-Beeper quite good - outstanding if you have a Soundblaster or else - you really get the feelin' of this game. While writing this review I slowly begin to realize, that I won't stop playing Monkey Island until I've completed it one more time -which might not be the best idea, 'coz I need at least some sleep... I'll tell you, if you haven't played Monkey Island - do it now! If you already have - do it again!

I remember runnin' around for years using the Rat-Joke ("Hey, nice rat!" - "Do you like rats?" - "Yes, especially in a light wine-sauce.") at any appropriate - or not so appropriate - occasion. I once said that to a girlfriend of mine who owned a rat... - ah, I guess I'm way off the point. HEY! LOOK BEHIND YOU! A THREE-HEADED MONKEY! And back to it: This game has really set standards. EVERYONE was talkin' about it the time it came out. We all walked around talkin' Stan-Style for weeks and everyone just love the game. The puzzles are challenging but not too hard, there are many people to talk to - some important, some not that important, but be sure to talk to everyone, 'cause you could miss a good hint or an even better joke. This one's got everything - even a Love-Story (we all need somethin' for the heart sometimes - don't we?). Ah, don't read this - you gotta play it yourself! NOW!

Monkey Island 2

Aah - whoa! Part 2 of the best adventure ever made. Guybrush Threepwood sets out for a new adventure. "Growing a mustache?" "No. Bigger than that." The search for... BIG WHOOP! Not just a treasure... - A neverending laugh - another ultimate MUST-PLAY from Lucasfilm. If you loved Monkey Island 1, then you just gotta play this one, it's a very worthy successor. Graphics are a little better, sound is still good and the gameplay even improved a bit. The jokes are at a high-level and even some more, that reached cult-status. "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" Just ask him that... And then there's also my favorite character of the first part: the Rat! This time it also has name: Muenster Monster (and that's no german version...). You gotta deal with it - remember the joke of the first part...?

In the first part of this game (the Largo-Embargo) you got to get rid of Largo LaGrande, one pirate of the crew of LeChuck, the bad-boy Guybrush defeated in Monkey Island 1. And trust me, you'll do somethin' stupid (well, actually Guybrush does...), that brings your old pal back. In the next parts... - ah, play it yourself. It's really REALLY worth the money spent on it. Hours 'n hours of playing are guaranteed! Very funny, this one.