Game   1163k

A cutie - this one. It's just so well made up - the feelin' so good, fantastic atmosphere. This game really set standards. Look at the graphics! They are only EGA! Believe me, there are not more than 16 colors in this picture! Everyone was talkin' about this, when it came out. You play the role of Bobbin Threadbare, a 17 year old threadweaver. His mother has been banished from the guild of weavers because she was responsible for drawing you out of the Loom.. an unforseen child. The elders have done this because the Loom is unmistakingly doomed to an awful fate . . . it's own unmaking!

It might be hard to imagine today what kind of revolution this game was. With today's budgets noone would wonder why a "real" artis was hired - back in 1990 this was something completely new. The creators of this game put more effort than anyone else ever before into creating an audiovisual atmosphere which technically didn't even seem possible. Apart from being a great adventure Loom is also a milestone - but one of the least known in gaming history. A shame, this is really a good game and even people spoiled by today's graphics should not be disappointed.