Kings Quest

Kings Quest 1


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Let this game take you into a world of faeries, giants and dragons... The king has put a quest on you to retrieve a magic mirror, shield and chest. The price is his kingdom, for he is old and has no heir. So you, known to the world as Sir Graham, set out to find these treasures. And don't you go and think this kingdom could be won easily - you will have to solve many riddles and avoid a multitude of deaths.

King's Quest was one of the first games to combine a parser driven adventure with graphics. You control Sir Graham with the arrow keys and type in the commands. This concept was only used over a short period of time... most adventure games went over to the point and click genre while others remained "pure" text adventures. In my opinion this is a bit of a shame, I actually liked this combination. But apart from that - thinking of the time this game was created in - King's Quest creates a great atmosphere and manages to pull the player right into a huge playworld (again considering the time this was made). Roberta Williams' name stands for quality and this game was a big step to fame for her. You are relatively free in your actions and don't have to stick to a strict scheme of first-do-this-then-do-that-after-that-do-that-etc. - you have a lot of freedom compared to other games of this era. However this freedom comes at a price - you can die often... and you can get lost as well. Not all puzzles are really logical (you really have to walk around a lot till the giant falls asleep for example... not really a solution you think of in the first place).

However, this game is a milestone. It's a classic and I can recommend it to every fan of the genre and to everyone else who just likes to be part of a good old style medieval/fantasy style story.