Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones 2 - Action Game


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Oh yes, this is a good example for a game that probably never should have been made. It's a weird action-mixture made up from the movie of the same name. I bet they could have made a nice adventure of it like they proved later. Well, they rather made up an Indy 4 than having a look at the previous movies to create an adventure from them. Alrighty, but did it have to be this... run around and kill some snakes (oh yes, we know - Indy hates snakes...) and other bad guys? Just like in the film you are running through the mines and free children. Your whip is your weapon...

Maybe I sound too pessimistic, to be honest I've played (and enjoyed) far worse games. The game is playable, but it's just not of the high standard the adventures set - it's not even as good as the action version of Indy 3.

Indiana Jones 3

sorry, no download, you have to buy the Lucas Arts Compilation

Ahhhh! Indy 3 - that one's a true highlight of all adventure-games. I remember the time it came out (grandpa's talkin' o' the old days...) - it just smashed --> whew!!! It was the first Lucasfilm Game that was not just pretty good - it came along with that marvellous gameplay. I remember that we made that legendary session, watchin' the film first and then we played the whole game from the start. (I think it must have been early morning or somethin' when we were through - but we made it!). Yeah - the old days. But I can tell you - this one's still a great choice, if you haven't played it. It's not a mere fun adventure like Monkey Island (though there are quite a lot of jokes in this one), it also has the historical aspect. And of course it's the game to the movie. You know, it HELPS having seen it, but it's not really necessary (though I strongly recommend it, simply because it's a good movie...).

So, what d'ya gotta do? Simple - just find the holy grail! (Can't be that difficult just because of millions of heroes, including King Arthur etc., having searched for it...!) On your way you do pretty a sightseeing-tour throughout the world, including the catacombs of Venice (look picture above). One of my favorite games ever, and surely one of the best adventures ever made. Playin' this one also explains the (not so few) jokes about "selling these leatherjackets" in other Lucasfilm Games - I won't tell ya - play it! You know I love all of my games (Mmmmmhh!) - but this one is amongst the few that I'd call essential.